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Quietly Leading the Way With over 70 years of experience in the marine generator industry and a support network that's unmatched, it's easy to see why Westerbeke is the prevailing leader in marine gasoline generators. Available in 2, 3 or 4 cylinder configurations, our gasoline generators represent a breakthrough in compactness, quietness, and reliability that have become the preferred standard of today’s discerning boat owner. Running at low RPMs, our marine gasoline generators offer quiet, dependable power options perfect for small and mid-size pleasure craft right up to houseboats. 

Dedication to Service Westerbeke’s gasoline generator performance is matched only by our customer service performance, powered by a worldwide Westerbeke marine generator Distributor and dealer network. Whether the issue is parts, warranty, or technical service, our distributors and dealers are dedicated to making sure that every customer is taken care of in the most efficient way possible. Wherever you are, odds are that friendly Westerbeke gasoline generator support is close by.

Whether for pleasure craft, commercial ships, or government boat applications, today's discerning boat manufacturers will tell you, “Westerbeke is our generator of choice.”

Product Line Choose from many gasoline generator models ranging from 3.5 kW to 22.5 kW. For more details about carbon monoxide and Westerbeke low carbon monoxide (CO) emissions gasoline generators, please visit our Westerbeke low-CO gasoline generator page.  

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Westerbeke Gasoline Generators
 HzkWRPMEngineAspirationcu inLitres
3.5 SBCG - 60 Hz low-CO 603.522002 CylinderNatural21.40.35
5.0 MCG low-CO 605.018003 CylinderNatural40.30.66
6.5 MCG Low-CO 606.518003 CylinderNatural40.30.66
8.0 SBEG - 60 Hz low-CO 608.018004 CylinderNatural89.61.47
10.0 SBEG - 60 Hz low-CO 6010.018004 CylinderNatural89.61.47
12.5 SBEG low-CO 6012.518004 CylinderNatural89.61.47
14.0 SBEG low-CO 6014.018004 CylinderNatural89.61.47
20.0 SBEGA low-CO 6020.018004 CylinderNatural133.32.20
22.5 SBEGA low-CO 6022.518004 CylinderNatural133.32.20
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