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3.0 BPMG - 60 Hz - Overview & Specifications
Cylinders: 2Length: 24.57 in.
Bore: 2.32 in.Width: 13.59 in.
Stroke: 2.36 in.Height: 14.48 in.
Displacement: 20.00 cu. in.Weight: 165.00 lbs.
Aspiration: Natural

Also available at 50 Hertz - Still 3.0 kW!

The Most Compact 3.0kW
The 3.0 BPMG not only has the smallest envelope available for a 3.0 kW, there is not another generator like it.  The 3.0 BPMG was specifically designed for the small boat owner who previously didn't have available space to accommodate a generator with "punch."

Lightweight & Powerful
Weighing in at only 165 pounds, the 3.0 BPMG is powerful enough to run an air conditioner or water heater, etc.

Smooth & Quiet Operation
Operating with 2-cylinders instead of 1, at a low 2200-rpm instead of 3600, and with a specially designed flywheel: the 3.0 BPMG provides smooth performance and doesn't require a sound shield.

Simple Installation
The 3.0 BPMG is a simple "plug & play" genset with minimal wiring in the control box.  An optional remote start/stop is available with harness to plug into the side of the control box.

Easy Operation
A simple "one-touch" rocker switch eliminates the need for separate start, stop and priming switch.

Clean Exhaust
The 3.0 BPMG incorporates a catalytic converter and meets all EPA and CARB requirements.

Electronic Governor
Maintains steady speed, provides optimum fuel efficiency and eliminates "bogging down" when load is applied.

Permanent Magnet Generator
A small, compact and completely sealed permanent magnet generator provides 5% voltage regulation, no-load to full-load, and produces a "utility grade" sine wave.

Standard Equipment
  • Simple, "one touch" start/stop control panel with running hour meter
  • Overspeed Protection
  • Battery Charger
  • Belt-driven, raw water pump
  • Lube oil drain hose
  • Operator's manual and parts list
  • Electronic Governing
  • Safety shut-downs - overspeed, low oil pressure, hight exhuast temperature
  • A.C circuit breaker
  • Water injected exhaust elbow
  • Vibration mounts
  • Belt guards
  • EPA, CARB & CE compliant
  • Meets U.S.C.G. regulation 33CFR-183

Optional Equipment

  • Remote start/stop panel
  • Hydro-hush muffler and fittings 
  • Anti-siphon valve for overboard cooling water discharge             
  • Ship-shore switch
  • "A" on-board spare parts kit; "B" extended cruising spare parts kit
  • Technical manual 
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