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Century 40.0 BEDA - Overview & Specifications
Cylinders: 4Length: 62.50 in.
Bore: 4.13 in.Width: 30.63 in.
Stroke: 4.92 in.Height: 33.66 in.
Displacement: 264.00 cu. in.Weight: 1,646.00 lbs.
Aspiration: Turbo

The Century Series Advantage
Extremely lightweight and compact...

Westerbeke’s Century Series generators are intended for use on larger motor yachts and sailboats as well as in demanding government, military and commercial applications.

Six models rated 40 through 95 kilowatts at 60 Hertz and 30 through 80 kilowatts at 50 Hertz are powered by turbocharged diesel engines. All models are among the most compact in their class with especially short lengths and low heights. Even more noticeable is the extremely light weight of each model. Century Series generators are lighter, lower in height and shorter than most competitors in their class!

Standard Features

  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
    Unique to the Century Series generators are fluidlastic isolation mounts that are provided as standard. These mounts provide the best possible vibration isolation and eliminate noise transmission to the vessel’s hull.
  • Engine
    Turbo charged 4.3 and 6.5 liter diesel engines power the Century Series generators. Both the cylinder head and block are cast iron while the crankshaft is made of forged high carbon steel for additional strength. Replaceable chromium plated, dry cylinder liners contribute to an extended engine life. Glow plugs aid cold weather starting. An easily accessible oil drain hose assists with routine maintenance.
  • Safety Devices
    All Century Series models are equipped with overspeed, low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and high exhaust temperature safety shutdowns. AC short circuit and overload protection are provided using a generator field circuit breaker. Other safety devices include an oil bypass alarm and fail safe mounts.
  • Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger
    Century Series generators are fresh water cooled with a standard cupronickel heat exchanger that mounts directly to the underside of the water-jacketed exhaust manifold for more efficient cooling. This unique Westerbeke design and the use of cast aluminum piping minimizes the use of hose connections in the cooling system, providing added reliability and reduced maintenance.
  • AC Generator
    The AC generators are all class “H” insulated (the highest NEMA insulation rating) and double vacuum epoxy impregnated for protection against the harsh marine environment. Electronic governing and voltage regulation provide .5% frequency regulation and 1% voltage regulation.
  • Durable Anti-Corrosive Paint
    Westerbeke’s new paint system now offers increased resistance to the harsh marine environment through the use of an iron phosphate pre-treatment, a non-chrome sealer and a special high gloss acrylic enamel. Westerbeke’s system is not only durable but environmentally friendly. The paint and sealers meet state and federal clean air and water standards.
  • Gear-Driven Raw Water Pump
    A new gear-driven raw water pump, designed and manufactured by Westerbeke for optimum performance, is made of marine grade materials for the best possible corrosion protection.
  • Full Torque Power Take-Off Interface
    All the Century Series generators have Westerbeke’s renowned full torque power take-off interface at the rear of the generator.
  • Engine Instrumentation Panel
    A set-mounted instrument panel includes water temperature and oil pressure gauges, voltmeter and hourmeter as well as preheat and start/stop switches. All panels are provided with a standard, 15-pin, plug-in connector should a remote instrument panel or start/stop panel be required.
  • Emissions Standards &

    All Century Series generator sets are EPA, CARB & CE compliant.
Optional Accessories

  • Full Torque Power Take-Off with Electric Clutch
    Century Series generators are available with full torque power take-off and electric clutch for hydraulic pumps used to power bow thrusters and other hydraulic equipment. The PTO and electric clutch is available in both 12 and 24 Volts (400 Series & 1000 Series).
  • Remote Panels
    Remote start-stop panel or second instrument panel available with 15-pin, 15 or 30 foot harnesses. Harnesses are equipped with Westerbeke’s standard remote connector for extended lengths.
  • Electronic Governing for
    Parallel Operation

    Allows for automatic or remote adjustment of engine speed for paralleling and load sharing during operation.
  • Electrical Systems
    All generators are available with 24 Volt electrical systems as well as ungrounded 12 and 24 Volt electrical systems.
  • Westerbeke Patented Sound Guard
    Sound Guard sound enclosures are available for all models and are made of self-supporting panels that attach to the standard generator base with no increase to the length and width of the unit. The rear panel of the sound guard is equipped with a removable plate to accept the optional power take-off and electric clutch. Individual panels can be easily removed for routine inspection or all panels for major service.
  • Also Available
    Other options such as keel cooling with dry or wet exhaust, spare parts kits, battery splitters, remote lube oil filters, fuel-water separators with filter, hydro-hush mufflers and anti-siphon valves with stainless loops are also offered.
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