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For over 80 years, Westerbeke has been offering durable and reliable power solutions to meet the challenges of commercial and recreational marine applications. We manufacture diesel and gasoline fueled generators, diesel propulsion engines, climate control systems and specialized sound enclosures.

Our products offer quiet operation, low vibration, long service life and superb value. And our track record for delivering industry-changing innovations has resulted in important advances in safety, as well as beneficial reductions in size, weight, noise, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions for both generators and propulsion engines.

Today, Westerbeke is recognized worldwide for the quality of our products — and for the outstanding service and warranty support we provide through a network of Master Distributors and dealers, covering every ocean and sea plus all the temperate continents.

If our website fails to answer any question or requirement you may have, we hope you will contact us for a personal response.

Westerbeke understands that marine applications place products in tight spaces and corrosive environments. We engineer our products not only to provide reliable operation but to run smoothly, since vibration afloat is especially problematic. Precisely balanced shafts, tuned air intakes, low-RPM engine speeds, carefully considered mounts, stainless steel Sound Guard SST bases–these are typical key factors in developing Westerbeke products.

Reliability is certainly a convenience for our recreational users, but we are acutely aware of Westerbeke use in fire-rescue, law enforcement and national defense situations where reliability can make the difference between success and failure. The length and comprehensiveness of our warranty coverage underscores our belief in the reliability of all Westerbeke products.

Low-RPM operation extends the service life of our products in addition to reducing fuel consumption, running noise and engine stress. Our propulsion engines combine these attributes with high torque to provide very useful capability in moving displacement hulls, a factor which has made these engines especially popular for sailing auxiliaries.

Some Westerbeke generators are quieter unshielded than fully-enclosed competitors' gensets. We also offer the most advanced sound-shield enclosures in our Sound Guard SST systems. And with Rotary Aire, we bring sound-reduction to its optimum in compact climate control, for heating and air conditioning.

Westerbeke has been an innovator in changing the way things are done in marine systems. Many credit Westerbeke with bringing diesel propulsion to recreational boating and a number of the company’s breakthrough products have been acknowledged in the marine press for decades.

Of more recent interest are Westerbeke’s D-NET™ diesel generators; the first generators available fully networked to NMEA 2000®. Westerbeke foresaw the increased complexity of wiring larger yachts, providing power supply and data/command lines for a huge array of navigation, entertainment, safety and lifestyle electronics.

Another important achievement is Westerbeke’s introduction of the first EFI generators to the marine market. Westerbeke’s leadership in the reduction of carbon monoxide (CO), a lethal byproduct of internal combustion, from the exhaust stream of gasoline-fueled marine generators has been recognized with the marine industry’s highest award for innovation as well as by government agencies. Westerbeke also responded to the needs of smaller powerboats whose rapidly escalating onboard electronics yet very limited space availability now require tiny electrical generators. That led to Westerbeke’s 3.0 BPMG generator, another winner of the industry’s highest award for innovation.

While these innovations are very well known, Westerbeke has many others which help the company remain at the forefront of the industry. Some are related to the Engineering and Manufacturing processes, such as: a fully integrated Pro-E Wildfire CAD/CAM system, linked to our CNC equipment for rapid prototyping and assuring adherence to incredibly tight manufacturing tolerances; an in-factory fully-accredited and calibrated emissions testing laboratory certified to full federal governmental regulatory compliance standards; multiple stereolithography & fused deposition modeling rapid prototyping systems; 7 fully equipped Engineering developmental test cells, 3 with dynamometers and one with a walk-in wide temperature range environmental chamber.

With the introduction of EFI gasoline generator products to the marine market, Westerbeke was able to offer the first alternative to typical gasoline-fueled products. Westerbeke's leadership in the reduction of carbon monoxide (CO), a lethal byproduct of internal combustion, from the exhaust stream of gasoline-fueled marine generators made an additional level of protection available to the industry. Westerbeke's EFI gasoline generators have been recognized with the marine industry's highest award for innovation as well as by government agencies.

Westerbeke marine propulsion engines all feature standard low oil pressure and high water temperature alarms while Westerbeke, D-NET™ generators offer an array of safety devices to the diesel generator market. All standard models include an AC circuit breaker or field breaker and safety shut-downs that include: overspeed, underspeed, low oil pressure, high exhaust and high coolant temperature. Digital displays also offer LEDs for quick operational status and an LCD to provide more detailed operational information. In addition, all Sound Guard SST enclosures feature a standard fire port.

Because of the quality of Westerbeke products and the service we provide worldwide, it should not be surprising to see the sampling of companies below that have made Westerbeke their generator or engine of choice.

  • Beneteau group
  • Chaparral Boats
  • Chris Craft
  • Cobalt Boats
  • Contender Boats
  • Formula/Thunderbird
  • HydraSports
  • Mastercraft
  • Monterey Boats
  • Regal Boats
  • Sea Ray Boats
  • Beneteau U.S.A.
  • Catalina
  • Lyman Morse
  • Nauticat Yachts
  • Nautor's Swan
  • Oyster Yachts
  • Sabre
  • Wally Yachts
  • Department of
    Homeland Security
  • Harbor Guard
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Massachusetts
  • Meercat Workboats
  • PdVSA
  • Raytheon
  • Trefjar
  • U.A.E. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Navy
  • Destination Yachts
  • Majestic Yachts
  • Sunstar Houseboats
  • Trifecta Houseboats

Westerbeke also proudly supplies the Fire-Rescue industry with diesel generators:

  • American LaFrance
  • E-One
  • Ferrara Fire
  • Medic-One
  • Pierce
  • Seagrave
  • Sutphen
  • Swab Wagon