Westerbeke Rotary Aire™ Marine Air Conditioning.....

Quick Cooling in Hot Weather - Warmth in the Cold.


Westerbeke Rotary Aire™ Marine Climate Control puts instant, efficient cooling, warming and air dehumidifying all at your fingertips. Rotary Aire™ marine air conditioning lets you enjoy the luxury of a cool, comfortable boat cabin on the hottest summer day and lets you extend your boating season with toasty-warmth on crisp spring and autumn nights. And because Rotary Aire™ boat air conditioning removes excess humidity, the oppressive stickiness and damp mustiness common on boats that are closed-up for extended periods is eliminated. The Rotary Aire™ base is enclosed to prevent condensation water from spilling and is constructed from ABS plastic to virtually eliminate rust and corrosion. The patented "V-shaped" evaporator assembly and rotary compressor make Rotary Aire™ boat air conditioning super efficient and whisper quiet.

We're more comfortable on the water!

With over 80years manufacturing world-class marine products, Westerbeke has earned a time-proven reputation for being the choice of seasoned boaters and boat builders. Westerbeke's Marine Climate Control Systems are a true technical extension of our vast marine knowledge. Available in 10,000 BTU and 17,000 BTU models, these state-of-the-art marine air conditioning systems are designed to provide you with the ultimate in remarkably quiet, efficient, personal comfort. And all with the performance, durability and dependability that Westerbeke is famous for. When it comes to effective air conditioning for your boat, Westerbeke Rotary Aire™ is more comfortable on the water!

Whether for pleasure craft, commercial ships, or government boat applications, today's discerning boat manufacturers will tell you, "Westerbeke is our generator of choice."


Climate Control - Current Production Models
Model Length Width Height Weight
10,000 BTU 20.50 13.75 13.25 55.00
17,000 BTU 21.25 16.50 13.50 63.00